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Tax Law

Tax laws created by the federal government and State of New Hampshire, along with the many rules and regulations enforced by the Internal Revenue Service and the New Hampshire Department of Revenue, can be overwhelming and complicated. At Martin, Lord & Osman, P.A., our tax team ensures our clients follow all the rules and regulations while paying the minimum amount they owe in taxes.
Taxes for Individuals and Married Couples

For many individuals and married couples, the time, stress, and pain of filing federal and state taxes is not worth it so they come to us for help. Once our tax team receives all the necessary documents from our clients, such as W-2 and 1099 forms, along with charitable giving and other tax deductible items, we prepare our clients tax filing. After we prepare our clients tax filing, and our clients review it, we file their paper work through the mail or electronically to the IRS and to the State of New Hampshire (if necessary).
Every step of the way, we explain, without the jargon, what we need from our clients, including what information is necessary to get the most out of tax deductions. Do not overpay or put yourself through the headache of tax preparation and let Martin, Lord & Osman, P.A. handle your taxes this year.
Trust Administration and Taxes

Many trusts are taxed similarly as an individual but there can be many subtle and crucial differences. At Martin, Lord & Osman, P.A., our experienced tax team works closely with trustees and trust administrators to file the taxes owed by a trust.
Similar to taxes for individuals and married couples, our tax team requests the necessary tax information needed, explains to our clients their tax liability, and file the taxes owed by a trust by mail or electronically.
Estate Tax Planning

One last tax people need to consider is whether their estate will be taxed when they pass away. Due to changes in the law, federal estate taxes only effect wealthy estates. However, the tax on the estate can be substantial and it should be planned for if it is applicable.
There are several ways to plan for estate taxes and our team will craft a plan that best suits your needs. Our tax team works closely with our estate planning team to help clients pass on as much as possible to their desired beneficiaries.

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